Auriculares de alta calidad con buen alcance y sonido sólido

I received this product free for review but as always, despite receiving a free product I’m perfectly candid in my review. My observations follow below in more or less chronological order.

* Fit surprisingly well; perhaps it’s the dozen other headphones of this sort that I’ve smacked into my ears but these took no effort at all.

* As with any product of this type, be prepared for the fact that these can make your ears feel rather ‘full’. That’s the best way I can describe it. They’re plugging up your entire ear canal. That said, they block outside sound very well.


* I love the behind-the-neck style. Even if they fall out of your ears they won’t hit the ground. Just your neck.

* Quick pairing; just push the button on the right-hand earbud and give it about 5 seconds the first time

* Sound quality is good, though I’m no expert on the topic.

* These suckers really stay in your head. Like they’re burrowing into your skull.

* Good range, I couldn’t get them to break up 10-15 feet away.


* Provided charging cable, micro-USB, is stunningly short. About 6-7 inches. So keep that in mind.

* Comes with a range of earplugs of various sizes so you can customize it to your particular anatomy. Also a small clip so you can clip the cord to your shirt.

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